Mehmet Eren Eskikan

He was born in Zonguldak in the year of 1986. He express himself as an artist since 2009 with the drawings he made. He started his masters study right after he was graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Ceramic in Kütahya Dumlupınar University in 2010.
He participated several national and international exhibitions and workshops.

Mehmet Eren Eskikan was the winner of 2 figurative Ceramic awards while he was postgraduate in Hacettepe University, Ceramic Department.
Nowadays he produces various decorative forms and table ceramics in his studio in Ankara with the inspiration from the texture in nature.

Selection Exhibitions

– ANKARA –> BERLİN Ceramic Exhibition- NUMOV Konferenz Zentrum Berlin -İstanbul Ceramic Art Days Mix Exhibition
– Romania İnternational Biennal Minature Art Exhibition
– 3rd İstanbul Ceramic Art Days Mix Exhibition

– Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory 80th Year Opening and Celebration Events Mix Exhibition
– Hacettepe University Expressionism of Intellection of Productive Agedness with Ceramic and Glass Works Contest Exhibition

– 5th International Participated Young Ceramicists Tile Contest Exhibition – 13th İzmir Rotary Club Golden Tessel Contest Exhibition


– İz, National Gathering with Student of Architecture (Samsun)
-Design Foundation Mardin Ceramic Atelier
– Luster Workshop with Prof. Sevim Çizer (Ankara)
– Ceramicon Ceramic Events Firing Techniques Workshops and Seminars (Avanos) – 5th International Macsabal Symposium ( Ankara)
– 2nd National Alternative Ceramic Workshop (Avanos)
– 7th International Eskişehir Fired Clay Symposium (Eskişehir)
– 6th International Eskişehir Fired Clay Symposium (Eskişehir)
– Practical Iran Katır Mule Beads Event with Assoc. Dr. Yasemin Varol (Kütahya)
– 3rd International Kütahya Chinaware Symposium First Eurasia Congress